Holding your hands palm to palm in a prayer position.And Inserting them into any orifice you choose on a woman. A.K.A "The Crazy Andi"
I gave "Crazy Andi" the Arrowhead after a night of drinking. She never shit right again. Thanks for the wild night.
by Funkhouser May 26, 2006
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small dick shaped like the head of an arrow
Dan O'Kane has an arrowhead dick!
by horn December 03, 2002
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A person who gets unnecessarily restricted by senior leaders due to a lack of common sense, gets encouraged for mischief due to a lack of care for an organization, and is forced to remain rigid because of said leadership. A person who may have been unnecessarily exposed to an infectious illness because of unnecessary mandatory attendance at events despite warnings.
SGT: Hey who’s that LT in PTs in the DFAC celebrating New Years at the MWR
SPC: I think he’s from that new unit that came in last month. I heard that they can only wear civilian clothes on Sunday’s.
SGT: That sounds kind of dumb. Why is that?
SSG: I heard their commander thinks that wearing civilian clothes is a privilege because of something that happened 9 months ago when they weren’t even here.
SPC: His buddies also arrived not too long ago and were exposed to COVID during an exercise back in CONUS.
SSG: They must not care of preserving their force in order to do that exercise
SGT: Poor guy, he must be an Arrowhead
by Joey Ramone Fan December 31, 2020
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