In the mountains within the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. Near many residential communities, which include Cedar Glen, Blue Jay, Rimforest, Skyforest, and Agua Fria. Lake Arrowhead is a man made lake. It has a surface area of approximately 780 acres. A weekend getaway 2 hours from Los Angeles.

Seen in the films such as "Space Jam" "The Hand" "The Parent Trap" "It's a Mad Mad Mad World" "Giant" and "Magnificent Obsession".
Dude A: It is supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend. Where should we go?

Chic B: We could water ski at Lake Arrowhead and look for rattlesnakes.
by False Aorta February 13, 2010
Much like that of a watering hole found in National Geographic. Scene/hardcore/bro kids go there almost EVERY Friday night. Many of them are druggies or drama starting whores. They all stand around the fountain area, smoke a few cigs and look like idiots. A shit load of them go to the park to smoke weed and fight. Be warned, there are a bunch of two faced girls that are really stupid and are about fifteen and love to start drama!
Scene Guy: Damn look at all these ugly scene whores, I bet I can get ten of them to give me dome in the family restrooms!

*All the scene girls at Arrowhead Mall are really slutty and NONE of them respect themselves. Not to mention, their ALL ugly and fat.

Hardcore Guy: That fucking faggot ass scene kid keeps looking at me the wrong way, if he keeps it up, I'll fuck his shit up.

by Shredder Man June 18, 2007
The most isolated place in Southern California.
Also, probably the worst hang out area ever.
"Does Lake Arrowhead have a lake in the shape of an arrowhead?"

by cookyman May 31, 2008
A high school located in Hartland, WI, home to a good football team, million dollar locker room, way too many lax bros and rich kids, and Phil Kasun. Ben Askren went here, but we're kinda famous for being right next to where JJ Watt grew up.
Person 1: Hey, you go to Arrowhead High School right?
Person 2: Yeah
Person 1: Can I borrow your jet and go to Bora Bora for the weekend.

Person 2: Sure I don't think my daddy will mind that much.
by KMisthebiggay March 11, 2019
While having sex, you drink a nice, refreshing bottle of Arrowhead water. After it's empty, you take a big 'ol shit in it, then shove it up your partner's orifice and give it a squeezy-squeeze, thus emptying the fecal matter into the body of your partner.

note:nearly impossible to clean.(EXTREME DOUCHING REQUIRED)
Dorothy said to me last night, "I got me a MEAN 'OL arrowhead chocolate extravaganza last night! I couldn't clean that shit out, it's still in there!"
by TTKL February 1, 2009
Quite easily the absolute worst water ever in existence. Taste like straight ass.
Guy 1: hey would you like some arrowhead spring water?

Guy 2: I'd rather eat Ariana Grande's asshole than drink your nasty ass water
by Darealbruh October 24, 2019
A high school in Las Cruces New Mexico that’s filled with nerds. Anytime you have a conversation with someone from Arrowhead, they always tell you “i’M gRaDuAtiNg hiGh sChOoL with my aSoCiAtEs dEgReE.” Instead if saying “I have English next period,” they say “I’ve got AP English 3 Honors next.”
Oh that kid’s smart, he must go to Arrowhead Park Early College.
by arrowheadboi November 4, 2018