A person who gets unnecessarily restricted by senior leaders due to a lack of common sense, gets encouraged for mischief due to a lack of care for an organization, and is forced to remain rigid because of said leadership. A person who may have been unnecessarily exposed to an infectious illness because of unnecessary mandatory attendance at events despite warnings.
SGT: Hey who’s that LT in PTs in the DFAC celebrating New Years at the MWR
SPC: I think he’s from that new unit that came in last month. I heard that they can only wear civilian clothes on Sunday’s.
SGT: That sounds kind of dumb. Why is that?
SSG: I heard their commander thinks that wearing civilian clothes is a privilege because of something that happened 9 months ago when they weren’t even here.
SPC: His buddies also arrived not too long ago and were exposed to COVID during an exercise back in CONUS.
SSG: They must not care of preserving their force in order to do that exercise
SGT: Poor guy, he must be an Arrowhead
by Joey Ramone Fan January 1, 2021
The present state of looking for an arrowhead or other Indian artifacts.
by LaRockcollector August 20, 2022
When shes giving you that sweet sweet gawk gawk and your glizzy shoots an absolute stream of buttermilk into her eye, piercing and blinding as an arrowhead.
Bobby: Yo Nate did you hear about Ben? He was hammered and shot a buttermilk arrowhead into his girls eye, now she’s gotta wear a patch for weeks.

Nate: Fuck bro that sucks, what an absolute stud though.
by Sgo hills July 22, 2021