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Kasun is a great person who is just perfect. So sweet, kind, smart, and usually fairly built. He has a bright future and will become one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. He's one sexy man who attracts women. His intelligence will carry him to the top. A Kasun is also known as someone who can do about everything.
Wow that guy is perfect, must be a Kasun.
by John frank July 30, 2017
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A person with a small weiner and seems like the person who would drive a pink/purple truck.
Look at that poor kid! He must be a kasun
by Joshua 334 April 22, 2017
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Kasun is the type of guy to think he is cool and act like he is the best at everything. His passion for gaming gives him a quick temper and gets angry really quickly. He also might say he is straight but he acts gay in some ways.
Kasun is a quick tempered with no brains at all.
by DEFINITIONS.INC June 18, 2018
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