Justin James Watt. Number 99 on the Houston Texans. NFL Badass. Has played Defensive End, Tight End, and Halfback. Can pretty much play any position and kick a shit ton of ass. Super Sack Machine. Can bench 225 pounds 37 times without stopping. Eats 9000 calories a day. Anyone that can get a sack and kickass.
Example 1 : Announcer - Well {JJ Watt} is now the only player to be the sack leader tackle leader turnover leader passing leader rushing leader reception leader kick leader punting leader and return leader.
Example 2 : High school football player - Damn I just pulled off a {JJ Watt} that entire game!
Friend - Yo Jim! I just gave that girl a {JJ Watt} when I she wanted head!
by 13Steaks27 January 24, 2016
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