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A term used to describe someone of impossible strength, someone with the ability to pound Hummer's into coke cans and soak up bullets like an AK spits them out. Of course, only Arnie can posses such strength and thus it is only possible to allocate this term to people within the general viscinity of his strength, say, 100th of it.
However, huge arms and henchman thwacking potential is not all that constitutes a person deserving enough of the Arnie moniker. No, that person must also be able to recycle a select number of crude phrases after each finishing blow.
*Thwack!* *Bomp!* I'm Detective John Kimbell! *Thack!* *Pow!*' And so on, in the unmistakable tone of Arnie.
by Jordan Petts October 03, 2005
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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Arnie is an old man who shows no sympathy for anyone other than himself. He's a total asshole to his poor wife and he smokes weed in the presence of his grandkids. He starts fights at family gatherings and is often found with a few too many drinks in his hand. By the end of the night, three bottles of wine are completely empty and no one knows how.
Grandkid: Why does the entire house smell like straight up dope in here?
Mom: Must be Arnie.
Grandkid: Makes sense .
by Yoyo Lama mama December 24, 2018
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a guy who is an impregenator, rhymes with Arnold Schwarzenegger so that you can talk about a guy who has got a girl pregnant without saying it out loud
Theres no way that guys a terminator, he's an arnie!


no way would i sleep with that guy he's an Arnie!
by hot_stuff_2009 March 11, 2009
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An Arnie is a person who is seemingly retarded based on their appearence, speech, or intelligence.
#1 "Dude, don't go talk to him, he's an Arnie."

#2 "What's up, Arnie?"
by missthang2427 July 29, 2005
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someone/something who is extremely obeiss and/or lazy. Its favorite hobby is to eat uncrontrollably and has to be fead by dieted food substances and armored control teams with years of expeirence.

If you ever encounter an "Arnie" then contact your local controll team, police, ambulance, poison control, local dog pound, tranculizer, and bomb squad

For more info' contact
or e-mail

"Will you get him out of here, hes as fat as an Arnie."

by Collin Weitz April 16, 2007
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