An armed robbery is an act of stealing with a firearm equipped with you at all times. This is usually done with a group of people, but doing it solo will be really risky. It is not as complex as a heist, but is more complicated than shoplifting or just stealing in general.
Police: There is an Armed Robbery taking place at this location.
by NerdCan December 29, 2018
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What the governments usually do with taxes and shit (usually far more common in South America)
They're charging taxes for buying off steam
-Now that's what you call armed robbery
by Spawn was Taken May 15, 2018
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Da act of "stealing" a person out of da "administering da lovies" clasp of someone else so dat you yourself can hug said embraced person instead.
If you either (1) wait till da "current" hugger has finished embracing your "target" individual, or (2) politely/humbly ask da snuggling couple if you may "have a turn" wif da desired-by-you person, then it's not really "armed robbery", since both members of da couple are voluntarily allowing you "clasping 'n' caressing" privileges. Extra points if you (1) offer to engage in a group-hug wif both of them instead of just giving one of them a "separate" hug, so dat neither person even has to actually let go of da other after all, or (2) be sure to give da OTHER member of da couple a hug, too (maybe even before you embrace your "target" person, so dat said other person knows right off dat he is gonna "get some lovin'" from you, also, and thus he will not hafta worry dat he's gonna feel left out), showing him dat you value his feelings, too, and are grateful to him for letting you have your desired snuggle-wuggle wif his romantic companion.
by QuacksO June 20, 2023
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