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Real sensitive when has fallen in love with a specific type of person usually the type of girl that will push him away . Armando's doesn't give up on you they are really passionate about there love life . He is know to be good in bed will take hours to make him satisfied but will satisfies you in 10 minutes he will annoy you get you mad but we all know you can't be mad at him forever you will miss him when's he's gone if you ever have and Armando in your life make sure you keep him forever
Do you know who that amazing guy is he seems like an Armando
by Swag_master June 13, 2014
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Joe: my mom died yesterday

John: bruuhh

Joe: Yo my mom just won million dollars

John: bRuHhh

Joe: my mom made dinner for us
John: bruh
by I eat forks with noodles October 30, 2019
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A guy that is unlike any other. Usually A Hispanic man, who is prideful and likes to please the woman he is with. Can be stern, but also has a goofy side to him. Jealous and protective when he needs to be, not scared to jump into a fight if need be. Loyal, honest man who makes a great boyfriend.
-Man, that Armando guy I am dating is one of a kind.

-Have you been with an Armando before? If not, you are missing out.
by TheReeelz October 12, 2017
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An overall amazing man. The definition of the perfect husband. Weird and wacky but that's makes him attractive. He is easy to fall in love with and knows how to please his girl. A faithful and loyal guy always and forever. He is the perfect husband and Best friend.
Ex: oh they've been together forever the guy must be an Armando.
by Hisforeverandalways July 13, 2017
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Armando is hot and sexy guy. Any girl who has him is lucky to have him, he is athletic and is a goddess in bed and knows what he is doing at all times
Damn I wish I had an Armando.
Armando is a goddess.
by Chick -Fil- A December 02, 2016
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Da BEST person in the world ! He will never give up on you, he's hilarious, and he will not lie to you. If he loves a girl; he will love her forever, it wont matter to him whether she's darker than she is or she has anger and suicidal conditions or shes a depressed fuck...he will always be there for her. Armando is usually a hispanic boy/guy. If you ever find an Armando keep him by your side no matter what because if u let him go, you're losing the best thing that could've ever happened to you. KEEP YOUR ARMANDO !!
Heather: You seen Armando
Anna: Yea, he just rode his Skateboard around the block
Heather: He's so hot
Anna: I know, that european girl was lucky to have him....
Heather: I know, she probably let him fuck
Anna: You know she did
by KoalazRsEXy November 06, 2019
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The embodiment of an all-around man. A strikingly handsome face coupled with a winsome killer smile, most of the time is a evilish smirk, a pair of deep, expressive eyes that look at you like you're the only one in the world, an impeccable body language coupled with an oh-so-cool façade, a trendy fashion statement coupled with a mysteriously alluring aura that held much aplomb and virility. There he is, wearing his pair of tight jeans, jacket & a pair of Ray-Bans. He's on his way to a band's show. He is the James Dean of the night.
Oh my!... Did you see that guy, he's such an Armando. Sooo Hot!!

I don't know what it is but that guy over there radiates such an alluring vibe, he is gotta be an Armando.
by scantily gorgeousity February 04, 2010
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