The coolest dude in AFM, always down for a good time will smoke and drink your weed/booze. A lady killer and a best friend.
Arkin is the boy you want on your team every time.
by Bianca_eric February 13, 2018
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...autism, basically tall , smells bad, walks like a big giraffe in heels , wants to talk to you but turns away because that’s just how it be my dude.

very important things to know about him ....
- he ISNT gay

-the only girl he kissed is his mom

well doesn’t that suck 🀠
arkin is dad
by masterpenis04 May 19, 2019
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Bitch. Biggest fucking pussy in the world. Utter fat fuck. Steals $100 bucks and your PlayStation and then slinks away like a bastard. Big fucking fag.
Guy: Hey did you see Arkin?

Guy 2: Yea he's other there with stealing your dog and your wallet
by DavidPissedAsFuck November 27, 2013
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