Kurt Warner is an NFL Quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. He burst onto the scene out of nowhere in 1999 by throwing 41 touchdown passes and leading the St. Louis Rams to a victory over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. Kurt was named Super Bowl MVP as well as regular season MVP. Kurt was also named NFL MVP following the 2001 season in which he threw for 36 touchdown passes and again led the Rams to the Super Bowl. Warner also played a season for the New York Giants before coming Arizona. He currently is the NFL's most accurate passer in history with a 65.7 completion percentage. Kurt Warner is a Born-again Christian who is respected for his faith because his actions and character back up his beliefs.
A great quarterback but more importantly a better person. Kurt Warner is a class act.
by Perk25 January 5, 2006
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The unfortunate condition where one find's the love of his or her life before becoming famous, as their newfound stardom would have enabled that person to meet someone far more attractive than the person they met as a non-celebrity.
Kurt Warner Syndrome is named after two time Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner. As a member of the 1999 Rams, Kurt became a huge star in the NFL. His wife received lots of airtime, and unfortunately for both Kurt and the millions of viewers tuning in, she looked more like a butch biker lady than an NFL MVP's main squeeze.
by joecrow January 18, 2009
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