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One of the most beautiful and athletic humans you will ever meet. Loving and nice but can also be hard headed and not take no for an answer. Often makes the guys she talks to fall in love without even realizing it.
I wanna be just like Arionna
by Mistyayekay March 13, 2017
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usually best friends with an abbey, but hates her at the same time. Arionna is silly, funny, and highly under estimated. she gets made fun of mostly by boys named wyatt Ty dillion Collin or Corey, cause they just want her nudes.. she has mental brake downs and will beat yo ass if you mess with her.
dude is that arionna that bitch crazy
don't mess with arionna tf
oh shit look at arionna she goin crazy
by ktisfh6502 March 04, 2017
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A really beautiful girl who has a hard time believing her self worth and when's she's sad she hides it but she's very beautiful and a great friend
man arionna seems upset but she won't tell us anything.

shit dude arionna is beautiful
by pringle_lover179 January 31, 2019
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A hard headed, opinionated individual who does not take no for an answer. A person who can easily turn on the charm and talk their way out of trouble.

Arionna, the girl with the charm and the personality.

Arionna the outgoing one, the one who speaks for others.
"dude, the way you stood up for that guy was so Arionna."
by VenusAriah February 02, 2010
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A girl who is mean and angry for very good reasons she has violent outbursts when little things aggravate her but is nice and understanding to the people who were cool enough to get to know her. She is also full of rage and if you do one thing that seriously messes with her you will indeed regret it she will go out for revenge and you will never see it coming.
"Yo i know you didn't just mess with Arionna"

" Man she gonna kill you"
by @WordUp February 11, 2014
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Arionna Is a drop dead girl that is loyal to everyone and she gets all the boys to love her with out even know. She is not very popular but she has her small group that she hang with. She mind her business and don’t mess with corny bitches because she ain’t like that and when she Listen to music she acts like the person that is rapping or singing.She not perfect but close to perfect and did I mention she has a big as but.
Her:Omg is that the famous Arionna?
Her2:Yeah that’s her.
Her:Period she so cute
by The real admire November 05, 2019
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She’s looks like man but a very fun person. She likes to play Roblox and a very funny person. She’s like food. And is very Beautiful times ...
Arionna :I’m so Beautiful

Jordyn: your not
by Hrhririd November 07, 2019
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