A beautiful girl that is so amazing that it knocks your socks off! She is an amazing friend and cares so very much.

She is also amazing to talk to and she doesnt see her beauty. She thinks she's ugly but she's not.

She has an amazing voice, singing and not.

And finally she of course stand our father Jessie Peage
"oh my lord, Arianna is so amazing. I cant believe im friends with such an amazing person"
by Cringe Queen May 11, 2018
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Arianna is the most amazing girl you can ever met she is nice when she wants to but dont tick her off and dont get her mad either because she is not afraid to kick your ass. Arianna is the most trust worthy friend you can ever have and if you ever have the chance to go out with her dont cheat on her because she will make you feel like she waw the only person you should've loved
Wow Arianna is so pretty and gorgeous
by ari_knows_best May 6, 2018
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She the most Sexy, intelligent, Beautiful, Loving Girl to ever live on this earth. She Has been through alot but the truth is she Has Feeling To.
Boy; hey
Arianna; hey ;)
by No but me will no October 16, 2013
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A girl with the most amazing brown eyes and the most perfect body. Any guy who sees her will want to be with her. She's a tough code to crack but once you get her she's the most amazing person you will ever be with. If you get a chance to be with an Arianna you should definitely take it. Everyone loves an Arianna
Friend 1: Did you see what Arianna was wearing today?
Friend 2: Yea I'd ask her out if I had a chance
by The best in the biz January 22, 2015
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a sweet girl with a big heart has a bad past but will stay strong doesn't like to be called names or picked on is shy at first until she grows on you is pretty always caring an loving gives wonderful hugs an has beautiful light brown eyes long brown hair with blonde tips soft lips like a baby likes guys with good personality an she loves animals an anime is a funny,cute,wild,adventures, friend sometimes mean asf but always makes you laugh an dont tick her off or she will beat yo ass up and she thick but is short an has a smile that will last forever
guy1: hey did you see arianna?
guy2: yeah she is pretty cute

guy1: ima ask her out dude
arianna: hey guys watcha talkin bout?
both guys: uhh..umm.. nothing*red faces*
arianna: oh ok well bye
both guys: bye arianna
arianna is the most cutest girl ever!!
by ari.plays_gacha September 10, 2018
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Arianna is a badass bitch who is usually with her squad and flames everyone.

She turns up. She is the highlight of the party. She'll be 100 with you. Never lying on a nigga.
She is a huge flirt though. And shes beautiful so a lot of niggas go after her. She probably has hella birds. But she is well known for being funny and pretty asf. She a badass bitch with her bestfirends too.
Girl: Bitch I heard you was talking shit?
Arianna: Bitch I heard you breathe smells like shit.
by trapqueen101 April 17, 2015
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