a girl who is a straight savage. she is fearless and really nice , although most times she can be the biggest bitch ever. she is more likely to date a guy with his first name starting with M. all her relationships are goals and she is a very very beautiful person often gets hit on a lot by the cutest people in school
woahhh look at Arianna isn't she fleek
by ariannaisjustahottieguys October 22, 2015
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Arianna is extremely cute and will always be able to make you laugh or smile. She always makes sure to stay close to her friends. An Arianna is very sweet and nice to everyone she meets, and if you are friends with an Arianna then stay close to them because they are some of the realest people youll meet. Dont forget that Arianna is very athletic but short
I wanna be friends with Arianna, she's the best!
by yummy mexitaco October 13, 2019
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The state of perfection that girls strive to reach, but rarely ever do. It is essentially a goal that can only be reached asymptotically. In this state of perfection, the female attempts to be genuine and caring, but still maintain the perfect body that all guys love. She isn't super skinny and anorexic, but just right. She has a nice rack that leaves guys puzzled and everything from the waist down isn't bony, but like everything else-just right. When a female has reached this state, she is seen as perfect in every male's eyes.

-indication of reaching Ariannaism is having a line up of guys that are willing to wait because her amazingness can't be explained in words because it is too great.
Guy 1: How would you rate her?
Guy 2: Oh, she's definitely reached Ariannaism.
by elephantjungle July 3, 2013
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Another name for Katniss Everdeen. The mockingjay or the girl on fire. She is brave and can stand up for herself.
by OneDirectioner101 May 16, 2012
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Sexiness; Pretty ; Kind And Giving ; Baddest Chick You Will Ever Meet . Thee Best . Trust And Believe .
Who ? Arianna , Oh Yeah She The Baddest Of The Land .
by Miles.Arianna August 3, 2011
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An Arianna is the best friend to have. She always makes you smile, even when you feel like you will never smile again. She looks like she can kill you with one look, but in reality she's as soft and friendly as a marshmallow. She can hide a lot of stuff behind a mask. If she ever vents (or even talks really deeply about anything in general) to you about something, consider yourself lucky. She rarely opens up to anybody. If you do happen to get to know an Arianna really good, she will make you smile like crazy, but not only will you smile, but she will smile too. Ariannas are also very beautiful and strong. They know how to work hard and sweat, and still look good while doing it. If you ever happen to be best friends with an Arianna, never let her go. She's a keeper.
"OMG! Arianna is the most amazing friend ever!"

"Guess what! I met Arianna! She is amazing. You should meet her sometime."
by Please_Tommy_Please April 20, 2019
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