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1. A sound of surprise or disbelief
2. A word conveying appreciation
3. Something to start a conversational sentence with
1. Arey! What do you mean I can't come?!
2.'re looking fully hot tonight
3. Arey listen did you hear what happened last night?
by Little Blue Patakha January 03, 2003
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Either you are Indian or you heard some Indian say that
Arey Hindi ATI Hai Kya ?
by New1220 April 03, 2017
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Arey is a real princess. She is the type of girl who has an amazing body and pretty face. Half the time she doesn't know when to shut up but she always knows the right things to say. She is a a chill girl and also her her own personality . Arey is a girl who has the most beautiful eyes that you will fall in love with . She's just a real ass princess
Yo.. I got me a Arey ... She's everything a nigga wanted .
by the real Pink Urby June 27, 2016
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