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A rhetorical exclamation used to imply the idiocy of a person, behaviour or circumstance.
“Nobody tryna pay full fare on the TTC, are you dumb?”
by TorontoDictionary September 22, 2018
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When a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to, usually indicating the unpopularity or stupidity of the original tweet
Damn you got 12 likes and his reply got 271 likes? He totally ratioed you bro
by FF29 July 06, 2020
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The reply given to someone who says something which you believe to be false, untrue or against your opinion.
R.H: "Arsenal are going to win the Premier League this Season"
S.K: "Are You Dumb!!!!!! Its gonna be Man Utd!
by Skeen Age June 16, 2008
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Toronto slang, you tell someone when they’re acting stupid, or tryna be something they’re not. Pretty casually used, not that serious.
Example 1:
“are u dumb? You know who mans is? I’m not afraid of no wasteman!”
Example 2:
Person 1 - “yo wanna go to timmies grab some timbits and shit?”
Person 2 - “boi are you dumb, I gotta wedding tomorrow, not tryna look like a fucking burnt chicken nugget loll
by kingoftoronto November 28, 2017
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When some asshole says something so stupid you want to say "why man", you just ask them if they're dumb.

If they say no, then they're dumber than you even thought.
Idiot: Justin Bieber's the greatest singer ever!

Normal Human Being: Boi, are you dumb?! My CAT sings better than that bitch. Get a life, man.
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by It'sCakeAtStake March 19, 2019
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