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Gateway to the darkest pit of Hell. Located in Darke County, Ohio. Known for its over-abundance of antique stores, above-average concentration of willfully-ignorant citizens, complete lack of youth entertainment, (except of course for vandalism, drug use and freaky group sex), thinly-veiled racism and an almost palpable "creepy vibe" that lies beneath and permeates everyone and everything.
Scooby: "Rere are ree, Raggy?

Shaggy: "Zoinks, Scoob! With as creepy as this little town is, we must be in Arcanum!

Velma: "Absolutely correct, Shaggy. With the strange looks we're getting from the locals, and the unmistakable smell of pot smoke wafting from behind the elementary school, it HAS to be Arcanum.

Local Redneck: "Go home, hippies! Go on, GIT!!"
by Former Trojan June 24, 2008
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Dark twisted and tormented soul with little or no moral skills. Continuously chasing goth chics around and secretly cybering them while masturbating furiously wether they respond or not. Eccentric artist who lives life vicariously through his artworks. Underestimating this tortured soul can be your undoing as he is vengefull over his domain at DTSS. Honest, hardworking but still a bad influence on those around him. The best feature of this dark and twisted soul is his humour. Exceptional demi god.
havent got an example of someone this dark and tormented arcanum is the only perpertrator to infilltrate useless websites. lol
by adjudicator December 16, 2005
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