worlds first Venezuelan nonbinary trans experimental pop star-diva, basically björk for this generation but better
i listened to arca for 3 hours and now my ears are fried
by mimayukikanator February 18, 2022
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a experimental diva who was originally a asteroid floating throughout space.. it crashed into a venezuelan nuclear power plant combusting in a tub off green fluids. Three weeks later a shapeshifting creature rose from the fluids which would go on to create experimental electronic music using the name arca and bring sounds to the world no mortal had ever dreamed of hearing.
have u seen that arca fisting interlude?
by mutantduvall March 12, 2022
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The coolest, hip hop dancing, anime crazy, ginger bearded man you'll ever meet. His brown flowing locks will stun all the girls within his vicinity and blow their mind. And if that doesn't win you over, his dance moves, Japanese lingo or rap skills will win anyone over.
Guy: Yo I'm going to the coolest PARTY this weekend
Chick: Whoa. that must be Arcas
by ArcaLover123 September 5, 2018
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A gym loving weed smoking 6’1 insomniac
“Arcas is really nice guy to hang with Shame he’s such a gym rat
by Keeyancandld January 2, 2022
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"some arcas mofo was up on me trying to run his flex"
by Deep May 13, 2003
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When a driver fails to use their brakes when a crash is happening ahead of them. Usage started in the late 90's when ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) was first aired along side NASCAR Winston and Busch series races and viewers noticed that when a wreck happened in front of the entire field, nobody even attempted to stop. The term is now used to reference easily avoidable crashes in videogames and racing simulators such as Forza Motorsport and iRacing.
*Car spins in the middle of the track but can be avoided.

*everybody floors it and hopes to get though but instead causes a huge wreck taking everybody out.

"Wow nice ARCA brakes asshole."
by STICH666 December 20, 2011
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Arca Eclipse (AE) is the next generation of the ARCA (Ares Remote Chat Administration) software used to create and manage chat rooms in the Ares program. AE is a huge improvement from the previous ARCA software which was a pain in the ass to use.
Let's go in the Arca Eclipse chat instead of the sb0t chat. The owner must be smarter.
by DavidsAwesome January 7, 2009
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