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The Aras (also known as Araks, Arax, Araxi, Araxes, Araz, or Yeraskh; Armenian: Արաքս or Երասխ (Araqs or Erasx), Azerbaijani: Araz, Persian: ارس (Aras), Turkish: Aras, Kurdish: Aras or Erez; Russian: Аракс; Latin: Aboras), is a river located in and along the countries of Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. Its total length is 1,072 kilometers (666 mi). Given its length and a basin that covers an area of 102,000 km², it is one of the largest rivers of the Caucasus.
Araz is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.
by Canaletto September 22, 2013
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The name given to those of exotic, ethereal beauty and intelligence. Often describing a girl who provokes awe, like a goddess.
"Wow... that girl over there looks like she could be an Araz, check out how she practically radiates happiness. She's so beautiful and exotic looking..."
by MaddieKing February 07, 2009
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A small exotic girl, with one cray dad.
person A: What is your father doing?
Araz: ironing the sofa.
by zinaple December 09, 2012
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