An absolutely gorgeous girl, who is extremely kind to people. She is the person you would be able to count on, and comfort you when you're in a rough situation.
Arabella gave me sound advice on how to catch a girl's attention.
by Degredo June 21, 2006
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An adorable girl that loves the arts, especially theatre and drawing.she is innocent and you’d be an idiot to do ANYTHING mean to her, she’d most likely die on the inside, she needs friends to protect her. Also, my name is Arabella so I know! I am bold, but not confrontational, confronting people makes me really scared, I love to draw. If you ignore or do a mean thing to an Arabella, she will be heartbroken, and you will have lost a very good friend.
OMG! Did he just say that to Arabella!
Let’s beat him up!!!
by ArabellaHufflepuff December 18, 2019
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The best fucking person ever. Of course, Australian 😏
"Hey who do you think is the best person ever?"

"Are you dumb of course, it's obviously arabella she's the best fucking person ever"
by Isabella Allen December 26, 2017
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This bitch can be mean asf but if you have her love she won't give it up. She's probably the most loyal person you'll ever meet, but if you have her love and loyalty you must be the LUCKIEST person ever.
Person: Damn why tf is Arabella so mean?

Arabella's Friend: Wtf you talking about ?! That bitch will do anything for you if you have her love.
via giphy
by Grey's April 12, 2016
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An Arabella is a sweet girl. She has an enormous heart and is gentle with all. She loves to share her talents with everyone. Arabella’s and beautiful inside and out. She has many friends but holds the true ones close. Arabella’s tend to be Aquarius or Taurus. Arabella’s are very poise and controlling but kind and loving with many. Arabella’s are people you want in your life.
Omg Arabella looks beautiful!!
by Collin Hudson July 10, 2019
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Arabella is an amazing person, smart and kind. She often tells the best jokes and puns. She is an absolutely amazing person who helps when she can.
by Weird Hooman, Ily best friend! January 18, 2019
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