The hottest old man of them all. Also is a sexy mother fucker and has a really sexy deep crusty voice that is sexy also he is the lead singer of the arctic monkeys.
Fangirl:Omg I love Alex turner he's so hot

Bitch:here we go again bois
by Themightycooch August 28, 2019
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A true daddy... will cause pantie drop, dizziness, hyperventilation and may more. Be aware around this dangerously hot..."human"?
ex; I will "Alex turnYOu" on...
That guy is so hot, he is such an Alex turner.
by piggyboo June 26, 2018
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my bsf: Hey did you know that Alex Turner is 34 already?
me: well he's a top tier daddy
by Kore<3 October 18, 2020
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Being completely, utterly obsessed with Alex Turner, lead singer of Arctic Monkeys. Symptoms may very, but often include: stalking pictures of Alex Turner, daydreaming about Alex Turner, and constantly talking about Alex Turner.
I know. I have a serious case of Alex Turnerism.
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Alex Turner is one of the hottest men known to this earth.

Never think that you’re better than him because you aren’t. I mean have you seen him like gosh if he wasn’t 20 years older than me i’d date him.
E.g “Who is Alex turner?

“Ummm the hottest person ever obvs
by p3ppapig February 28, 2021
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Incredibly gorgeous lad, lead singer and guitarist of the oh so famous brit-rocksensation Arctic Monkeys
Born in 1986 in High Greens, suburb of Sheffield. South Yorkshire, England
Loved for his amazing down to earth lyrics, great voice, adorable yorkshire accent
and great guitar riffs
He is the heart and soul of the record breaking band, writing the lyrics, the riffs and singing all songs.
me: alex turner?!! drools... =)
by Veronic June 22, 2006
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Lead singer of the ever so popular Arctic Monkeys. He is much loved by 'DING' because of his Sheffield accent.
Instead of saying "bottoms" Alex Turner says "buh'ums."
by Alex Turner April 2, 2006
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