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When you fuck your friends girl so good she gushes like all the seven seas, when your friend walks in and catches you, you mind fuck him so hard he act like a fish while you proceed to hide in the bathtub
Guy 1: what are you doing with my girl?!?!

Guy 2: You know exatly what I'm doing, FOR I AM THE KING OF ATLANTIS!!!!! and I am Aquamanning you
Guy 1: what wha--
Guy 2:Woop woop woop woop *runs into bathroom*
by Aquamanftw September 26, 2017
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A foreplay tactic where the man re-enacts the opening scene of Aquaman, facing away from the end of the bed in a crouch. After standing and flipping his long hair or wig back, he must look over his shoulder and ask for permission to come aboard in the most badass way possible. Then he performs a wet dolphin.
Jason: “Hey, I’m Aquamanning. Permission to come aboard?”
Brooke: “Permission granted, and I want you to give me a wet dolphin.”
by EndofLine December 28, 2018
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