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Some dank ass monster from a tinder page that is at the void less than a mile away; some people say it means “friend”
Thou is Apyr
by Nic0727 May 28, 2018
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A Cryptid that is usually about 7 feet tall and is very formal, elegant, and bloodthirsty. He usually prays rednecks and loves having thick bitches for dinner. He is a true devil in both fashions, he is commonly found in Wyoming or Alabama and is highly Insestiphobic.
"Yo that Apyr really a bitch, he ate Mark"- The Gay Homie
by YourboidaAPYR May 28, 2018
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the word to use when you don't have a russian keyboard but want to say friend
Which friend are you?
crazy ass truck freak apyr the fighter
by Im not drunk May 29, 2018
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Guy: "Hey babe, how about we go see a movie"
Girl: "Fuck nah, You just an apyr to me"
by BadHairline20 June 04, 2018
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A mysterious creature with an unknown orgin; It has been spotted very few times and has been described as such: Two legged but hunched over, Makes a strange buzzing noise when nearby, There have been no details describing color.
Mark: Have you ever seen the elusive Apyr?
Chad: No, what the hell is it?
Mark: The legend of the Apyr is unknown, but many people have heard it, and very few have saw it.
Chad: Sounds dank.
by LSN Flappy Bird May 28, 2018
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