April 27th is national shin-kicking day! This is a day were all shin-kicking is aloud!
April 27th is national shin-kicking day.
by The Ordinary Pineapple April 17, 2019
Him: Hey, why did you send me this pic?
Her: It's april 27th!
by asdfghjklwowow April 27, 2020
National come out to your friends day! Tell your sexuality to your friends, homophobic or not!
Me: Hey I'm pansexual.
Friend: Really?
Me: Yeah.
Friend: Why are you telling me this now?
Me: Because, it's April 27th, national come out to your friends day!
by thatgaykidwithadhd April 27, 2021
People born on this day are most likely a fag
My brother was born on April 27th he is a fag :D
by Dax-_- April 26, 2021
April 27th is national pizza day. no matter what you say or do, where you are, if you know it is national pizza day or not. pizza will be involved in your day and that is a fact.
person 1: hey bro! did you know it's April 27th?

person 2: yeah and?

person 1: it's national pizza day!!!!

person 2: *eating pizza* oh my god...
by BROOOOOO> April 27, 2020
A man who will fall in love with a younger woman. But knows it is right. Love is love. He knows they treat each other well. He loves her.
He’s born on April 27th. She must be younger than him”
by Havenvelour October 16, 2019
friend 1- what is your boyfriend gonna make you do today
friend 2- well i have to do anything he says because it’s national do what your boyfriend says day. April 27th !
by guycool8 April 27, 2020