National Hug a Friend day - A free ticket for a hug 🎫
It’s April 8th - 9th I’m gonna hug peppa pig 🐷
by CoolCucumber69420 April 07, 2021
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National f*ck a ~friend~ day
Ace: Hey Scameron, it’s April 9th. Get ready and let’s fuck!
by oglilscam420 April 01, 2021
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April 9th 2021
The Incident
The day Alex##### asked ###ne Out.

'Know what happened on April 9th?
by Forniteballs May 28, 2021
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Me: Hey Diana, did you hear?
Diana: No what’s up?

Me: It’s April 9th, better known as Fuck a friend day. I’ll be over after work 😉
by KingNinjaTurtle March 14, 2021
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It’s national winifred day, squeeze your nan and tell her you love her
it’s 9th april run up wall nan
by guest67876 April 23, 2020
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