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Appleton is a small ass yuppie suburb located in north-eastern Wisconsin; Yet, it is home to some notable people, festivals, and moments in history.

Appleton natives include some fucked up people, such as Harry Houdini, Joseph McCarthy, and The John Birch Society. Willem Dafoe also hails from Appleton.

Appleton happens to host the longest Flag Day Parade and the largest annual ska concert in the Midwest - "SKAppleton".

As for moments in history, Appleton's Valley Fair Shopping Center (now almost completely demolished) was one of the first enclosed shopping malls in the United States. Appleton was also the first city in Wisconsin to have a telephone and the first city outside of the East Coast to have incandescent light.
"Some exotic background, from Appleton, Wisconsin. That's as American as Appleton pie."
by a.i.k. August 19, 2008
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Red-neck country. Hill-billy land. In the middle of no where (Maine). Filled to the brim with sketchy people. Everywhere you turn there's some extremely white person breathing down your back. They're un-escapable in that area. There are a bunch of bitches that think they are the shit, but they are just fucking little whores.
Dude wanna go down to Appleton for the day?

No way man Appleton is red-neck territory.
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