Appleton is a small ass yuppie suburb located in north-eastern Wisconsin; Yet, it is home to some notable people, festivals, and moments in history.

Appleton natives include some fucked up people, such as Harry Houdini, Joseph McCarthy, and The John Birch Society. Willem Dafoe also hails from Appleton.

Appleton happens to host the longest Flag Day Parade and the largest annual ska concert in the Midwest - "SKAppleton".

As for moments in history, Appleton's Valley Fair Shopping Center (now almost completely demolished) was one of the first enclosed shopping malls in the United States. Appleton was also the first city in Wisconsin to have a telephone and the first city outside of the East Coast to have incandescent light.
"Some exotic background, from Appleton, Wisconsin. That's as American as Appleton pie."
by a.i.k. August 19, 2008
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Red-neck country. Hill-billy land. In the middle of no where (Maine). Filled to the brim with sketchy people. Everywhere you turn there's some extremely white person breathing down your back. They're un-escapable in that area. There are a bunch of bitches that think they are the shit, but they are just fucking little whores.
Dude wanna go down to Appleton for the day?

No way man Appleton is red-neck territory.
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a sweet city.. lots of hot boys and girls
appleton is a sweet city with lots to do!
by loverr&&fighter July 1, 2008
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Appleton Tower is the ultimate place to shag for an Edinburgh Uni student. Not only does it have showers to use after, but it also has many discrete rooms to use to fuck your academic counterparts. However, some shaggers prefer the middle of the basement corridor, allowing it to fantastically go viral and give bored uni students something to laugh about.
'I have a tutorial in Appleton Tower tomorrow, i'm probably going to get chlamydia'
by UpTheSciennes February 22, 2019
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A sex act where a Cleveland Steamer is administered to someone sitting at a 45 degree (or approx.) angle and the feces is left to run down from the neck / chest area to the genital area. The receiving female is then eaten out until the area is entirely clean. If the recipient is a male then he is blown with special attention to leaving the whole area clean.
Ben - I gave your Mom a Cleveland Steamer yesterday and she loved it.
Nate - That shit is for amateurs! I gave your Mom the Appleton Slide! BTW, can you please go take the bag off her head? I forgot to do that...
by Dirty Sanchezzzzz June 6, 2013
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A person who has or gives good dick to someone sexually.
Girl he gave me that Appleton Dick.
by NKJA June 10, 2021
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The fetish of fornicating lambs at the edge of a cliff
Dan whilst drinking Australian wine, enjoys the mudgee appleton on warm summers day.
by Bondivet December 30, 2011
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