An Applet is a program that runs in a web browser, like Netscape's Navigator browser or Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.
by Flamin Homer May 14, 2003
A devout supporter of the technology corporation Apple.
"Jane just sold her kidney to buy a Mac Pro and dual 30 inch screens..."

"I know dude, she's training to become a pro Applete."
by P@tr1cK August 9, 2007
Process of which one converts most or all electronics in house to be/sync to each other.

Buying/obsessed with all apple products.
Adam - Why did you just get an Apple TV, ipad, iphone and an apple computer?

Dan - Dude if you havent Appletize your house you are missing out on being able to link everything together.
by DC Zen October 31, 2012
A modern yuppie with bright Aasics and lululemon workout gear, can be found using at least 10 different apps while running, in order to reach peak physical performance.
Fabio: omggg do you see that guy running? what a hot bod

Faye: ugh he's just appletic, i want a real football player

Fabio: who needs real athletes when there's so many hot appletes running around
by toshspice August 28, 2014
Appetizers ordered at Applebee's
What kind of appetizer do you want babe?

Don't you mean Appletizer? Gosh, look at where we are eating dork.
by alyandbri July 18, 2010
when autism and apple collide.... mostly the case with blonde girls...
person 1: dude.. he has an apple phone
person 2: and autism
person 3: such an appletism man!
by not a gay person (DylanH) June 14, 2018