Apeksha is a sanskrit word which means "hope". A girl named Apeksha is a crust of talented and are multi-talented. She does everything with all her heart and therefore successful in everything she does. She is clean-hearted and speaks whatever she feels like. She is beautiful in her own way and people are happy having her around. Her vibes are contagious because she is a pure soul and a great personality. She is very understanding and intelligent but sometimes fail to know her worth. She is precious and people are blessed to have her. She love people with loyalty but tends to hurt herself.
Wow, Apeksha is so intelligent
by Lotttuss June 1, 2019
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Apeksha has a boyfriend named atharva and always atharva will be her boyfriend no matter how many boys come atharva loves apeksha and apeksha loves sanjay
Apeksha loves atharva and sanjay
by Sanjay shetty December 31, 2022
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Apeksha aka ape
Franndly girl
Apeksha invests money in Akshat's business
by garbage digger July 18, 2020
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Sanskrit work meaning 'Hope'. Which is true for girls that name as the only thing they do is hope for food to come so that they can get fat and then terrorise people. 🌚
Girl at restraunt- I'm in apeksha of my food
by Vohiorkonhosaktahai February 20, 2019
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a gangsta girl. fly and hawt.
wow, she's so apeksha.
by Niknik March 29, 2005
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Apekshas are loving, sweet, and pretty girls.

They use their aura to spread positivity around people.
Heyy look who just came to brighten up our days...Yes, it is Apeksha.
by Shah Zam November 24, 2021
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