The only good Zac Efron movie.
Also a popular meme for some reason.
man 1:"ey man! have u seen the lorax?"

man 2:"jesus thats the only good zac efron movie"
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by O'Hare Air January 02, 2017
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A medium sized human who has red hair and an almost invisible beard and a mighty ranger wrist
watch The Lorax looks like he is going to eat me
by The Lorax slayer February 07, 2018
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The lorax is an orange little shit who speaks about trees which are basically kitten fur and has a weird obsession with bears and marshmallows. If you ever come across him don't axe down any trees or you'll suffer a great curse. 'YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, YOUNG PADAWAN'
I am the lorax and i speak for the weeds
by loraxlover123 June 03, 2018
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