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Although it is spelled with "zh" instead of "j," the name is still pronounced the same as Angelica. It is the Russian/Polish equivalent of Angelica/Anjelica.

This name can have several different meanings, but all are very similar. It can mean angel, like an angel, angel's messenger, messenger of God, heaven's messenger, etc.

Common nicknames are Anje, Anjie, Lika, Angel, etc.

Although it is a name, Anzhelika can also refer to a girl that is spunky, fun-loving and obsessive, who loves dance but is usually very artistic as well. Although she has many different crushes, she usually only wants one guy, who she has fallen (hard!) for.

Anzhelikas are usually very pale (as they are usually of Russian/Polish heritage, as their name implies) and have huge dark brown eyes that sparkle when she's happy. She can be serious and mature at times, but she lets go and just lets loose when she's with her friends. However, when she does let loose she also tends to complain... ALOT.

Because of her complaining nature, she pisses off a lot of people because she is also obsessive, meaning that when she complains, she obsesses... She can also appear to be pretty cocky at times, but those who know her will know that she's just joking around :)

Despite her flaws, Anzhelika is a great person to be friends with, and very loyal once you become close to her. Because of this, many people (usually those named Sabrina) love to be her friend, and are so glad that they met her <3 :)
Anzhelika, you're such a gem! Don't EVER change!!

Aww, thanks, Sabrina! You too, girl :P
by PeekoYin April 04, 2012
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