Congrats your a smart ass or really bored, go play CS:GO or COD or something or go outside.
by -_- October 28, 2019
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they told meh to, so i did search up any word :P
ANY WORD....................
by DA HORNY GURL August 8, 2019
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Really, you had to be either an
A) Dumbass

to look this up
UB: "Type any word..."
Person types "any word..."
by bleach my eyes January 4, 2020
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urban dictionary: type any word...

you: any word...

urban dictionary: ur stupid
by epic dankness June 10, 2019
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okay smartasses you little fucks i see how it is
you little fuckers dont go looking up Any Word... just because it says type any word
by bop your bussy little fucks February 7, 2020
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really? Do you honestly think this is fucking funny? You have wasted your time searching this!
by Tannutuvafan101 July 22, 2020
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