they told meh to, so i did search up any word :P
ANY WORD....................
by DA HORNY GURL August 8, 2019
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Really, you had to be either an
A) Dumbass

to look this up
UB: "Type any word..."
Person types "any word..."
by bleach my eyes January 4, 2020
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urban dictionary: type any word...

you: any word...

urban dictionary: ur stupid
by epic dankness June 10, 2019
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okay smartasses you little fucks i see how it is
you little fuckers dont go looking up Any Word... just because it says type any word
by bop your bussy little fucks February 7, 2020
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really? Do you honestly think this is fucking funny? You have wasted your time searching this!
by Tannutuvafan101 July 22, 2020
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Anybword is a syntax operand demand. It is oppositional to defiant becomming. As in the act that you so partake upon is the provocation of the subjective nature of the pre determined manifest destiny equivalence of work. The outcome of the subjective reality becomes a destiny manifest of souls that conjures the mind to bear prudence in the time frame from your entrance to the duration of expenditure. Any word is a phrase also. The term and not in whole subjugates the informer to become a willfully active , engaged, and able to accept operand syntax input. Such inputs are outlined in your health and institution of assumptive act on behalf of nature in god’s will geniuses. Partke on the denotion of ethyl dried a+broad school of man age mage mint. $1,0.00.
I just did a deed a did to word any word.
by Pop*Ragu wahctcctv November 1, 2018
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