When you are in hell (school), and you are bored as fuck. You look at the faded words in the text box and think, "hmmmmnnnn....i'm gonna be a smart ass today."
by WeeW MooM August 24, 2020
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(Just to let you know “Any word...” is not the only thing you can type)
by Ya got any grapes? May 19, 2021
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Congrats, you now have 9999999 IQ! You beat the system! You are a god now!
by space October 9, 2019
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Its what urban dictionary told me to fucking write. I know, it isnt really that funny anymore, but I didnt really use urban dictionary back when it was.
Bob: Man, am I bored!
Jimmy: Well, have you tried typing any word... into urban dictionary?
Bob: Damn you must be bored as hell!
by Gold86star May 30, 2020
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