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the literary meaning of the word is 'searching'. so basically 'Anwesha' is someone you find after you search a lot for. a woman with a great personality, she's gorgeous, is a mystery to everyone she comes across. A woman who has great taste in movies and music and is always into fun stuff. she's somebody whose company everyone seeks.
Guy 1 : Dude, all set up for the first blind date of your life?
Guy 2 : oh yeah. although i must admit i'm a little nervous. I just hope she is an Anwesha.
by thgyth February 19, 2013
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A beautiful, amazing girl with a gorgeous smile like no other, dripping confidence and making laughter the cure for all of life's problems, on top of that providing warmth and happiness to all especially me :)
Wow look there's Anwesha.
by skv34 October 16, 2010
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a retarded fat ugly whore, who thinks she is sexy but really is a fat short small chod (a thick small dick), likes to start rumors about everyone, wants to be the centre of attention but doesn't realise she's soo fat that she already is or more. Also can be refered to as your nightmare.
person 1: bro, why is it so crowded in here?
person 2: it's because there's an anwesha infront of us!

i just had the worst dream ever!, i saw an anwesha in it !!! D:

that girl so soo fat and ugly; she's such an anwesha.
by hornymonkeyballsmom December 10, 2010
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