the type of gal who will provide comfort when you are lonely and bring a smile to your face. They are a very nice person who shouldn't be plainly insulted.
anusha is such a great friend, she was there when I needed her the most
by runaiik January 02, 2021
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A beautiful and very nice indian chick. Also, many men are attracted to her.
Dang, look at Anusha, she`s HOT!
by da babe December 30, 2004
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someone who celebrates good definitions written about her, obviously ignorant of the many dark, unwritten definitions people have of her
Anusha: Hey, can you turn around?
Person 1: Sure, Anusha!
(Anusha stabs person 1)
Person 2: Whoa, that was cool--I think i'll write a definition about Anusha!
Anusha: Yay! At least I can't see the numerous bad things people think about me!

(those belong to persons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8)
by anusha-h8r March 14, 2005
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dum as a doorknob...loves aria nad johnathan......talks on the phone
oh johnathan where are u
by white boy March 24, 2005
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A person who will break your heart, and stops being your friend without telling
You and talks about you.
Oh she is bullying her... She's a anusha
via giphy
by Sadsoftgirl September 23, 2019
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and dum brat who likes to acuse people of stupid sh*t that doesn't matter, and who makes a big deal of stuff that doesn't matter. she is a useless piece of krap at times but she is also sometimes a good person to talk to
anusha is an average person
by babygirl March 20, 2005
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Someone in the physics group chat who always dislikes my shit
Why does Anusha dislike every single picture I post
by iris make me officer February 06, 2019
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