Anusha is a very smart and cute girl. She is very kind and caring till someone really gets on her nerves. She gets mad easily and will cut people off without no hesitation. She has a great sense of humor and she is very sarcastic at times. She loves to make other people happy but don’t take her for granted though because she will beat you up.She is also very independent and hard working.
Look at Anusha.
by Agodfromheaven February 23, 2020
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The most hot, sexy, pretty, funny, nice girl out there. She has all the boys running after her. From her looks to her charming personality, everyone loves her. She is a beautiful GODDESS. She also looks like a model. She has a witty personality and is quick to come up with comebacks. Most people cannot believe she is real because of her beauty.
That girl is perfect, I bet her name is Anusha.
by yessir123145352 June 11, 2020
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Tightest person ever. At her finest when characterized by the wearing of 'the shirt'.
None, but also see "ecstasy cookies, or "cooking with ecstasy".
by Harvard Sucks March 18, 2005
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Name given to fuckn annoying Indian girl who seems to have a million boyfriends and has no friends whatsoever plus she dobs everyone in who says a word about her.
hey did u hear what Anusha said yesterday? (1 hour later in principals office)
by nibba1234 October 29, 2017
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A weird girl that gets boner looking at fried food, baked food, steamed food... basically food.
Me and my female friend entered a restaurant and she orgasmed .

I turned to her and asked her not be anusha.
by Black_Hammer September 06, 2018
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