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An Italian name for a beautiful, trust worthy girl. Antonella will never let you down, and will always keep the party pumped. An Antonella is great to have around at all time because she will always make you smile!
The party never died because Antonella never left.
by adoble January 23, 2009
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The most beautiful, loving, amazing, caring girl there is, like perfection. A beautiful person in many ways with a beautiful name that sounds like a Goddess. She is an angel. Her flaws can be loved, and her smile warms anyones heart. She makes a great girlfriend, and she is always there to cheer people up. She loves her family and friends, and has the kindest heart there is. There is nobody better or more important in this world than Antonella. I love her more than anything, and would die for her in a heartbeat, and so would many lucky enough to get to know her.
God, I wish Antonella was mine forever, until I die.
by meaningless life January 28, 2018
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Is a beautiful girl who will never let u down and is always nice to people. She is funny, crazy, super pretty, smart and kind. She gets along with people very easily and when u get to know her she will win a place in your heart. She is also very athletic and probably plays a lot of tennis. She can also be very shy at first but when you get to know her she us a wonderful young girl. She will always try to make you smile no matter what and She is always there for you. She would also be a great girlfriend and a really good kisser too. So keep an eye out boys!
Wow antonella is so pretty and really athletic!

Antonella is one of the HOTTEST girls I know and shes really nice
by Emilydartlove January 13, 2018
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Antonella is a beautiful Venezuelan girl. She is smart doesn't know English very well though She loves everyone and you would love to get to know her!
Hey Antonella Ur very pretty
by Gymnasticsgirl454 January 15, 2018
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