A type of drug that was (officially) discovered in 1928 when Sir Alexander Fleming was cleaning out his petri dishes then saw a mold on one of them. He studied it, and noticed that all of the bacteria around the mold had been killed. Now, we use these "wonder drugs" to save people who (over a hundred years ago) would have died a painful death from bacterial infections. Now, unfortunately, they are overused and used when unnecessary, and can lead to antibiotic resistance. Includes penicillin, amoxicillin, streptomycin, neomycin, paromycin, cefepime, cefprozil, aztreonam, cifprofloxacin, etc.
Doctor: You have strep throat, so I will be prescribing you a ten-day antibiotic.

Patient: Thank you, Docto. Now my throat won't be sore anymore.
by MetalHead16 February 13, 2011
Someone who hates or is disgusted by anything they think to be gay. Very possibly just homophobic.
The term came from the root word "biot" which means gay in Filipino. Biotic = faggotry or anything gay
Hence, antibiotic = anti gay stuff
Mark: I'm not homophobic. I'm just.. antibiotic.
Bhie: That's basically the same, girl.
Mark: I don't hate people like you, just don't touch me with your gay hands. Plus, I'm not a girl.
Bhie: Whatever, girl.
by CyanicalF May 21, 2022
Medication for STDs, more specifically, Gonnosyphilherpelaids.
Sarah has had sex with at least 5 guys. She needs some antibiotics.
by Kckj08 October 3, 2017
Excuse to not constitute in sexual behaviour.
Phrase commonly used to avoid having relations with busted boys.
Man:"Nice shoes, wanna fuck?"
Woman: "Mmmm...I don't think so,Im afraid I'm on antibiotics."
by ElleOh September 1, 2006
the gay excuse used for not drinking.
"Hey have a swig.",said Eric. "Nah man i cant, im on antibiotics." said Chubbs
by chubbs August 7, 2003
alcoholic drink containing orange juice, orangina, and whiskey.
"I'll have an antibiotic piss"
by Silverfoxxx October 12, 2007