Preferring some more interesting paint color for your wall, or even some wallpaper.
Person 1: "What color should we paint the room? I'm thinking white."
Person 2: "You mean the world's most boring color? Nah, I'm anti-white. Maybe let's go for some interesting color for the walls, like literally any color that's not the world's most boring color."
by America Lover 🇺🇸 August 29, 2019
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A person that is racist and/or discriminatory against people with white skin.
Person 1: White people are the worst kind of people because they have white skin!

Person 2: Stop being racist and anti-white.
by Chins_man December 31, 2021
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: people, thoughts, deeds, laws/policies/rules and organizational entities that are inimical towards Westernkind(those of European descent).

Boy: "Those anti-White's are disgusting bigots!"
Girl: "Yeah! They attacked us for being White."

: opposed or hostile to people belonging to Westernkind(those of European descent).

"Don't you know, pushing guilt onto White children for simply being born White is anti-White child abuse?"
"If Westernkind continues on the path we currently are on -within the 'Anti-White Narrative', we will succumb to White Erasure."
by The Australian Vanguard November 3, 2020
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A person who hates the White race. Anti-Whites often call themselves "anti-racists" to disguise their true motives.
Anti-White: "I think that certain countries including all the countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand should allow millions of people from completely different racial background into the country and the the population should sexually intermingle until there is no racial distinction in the population and everyone is a mongrel."

Rational person: "Your selection of all the White majority countries and only White majority countries for this mongrelization plan makes it pretty obvious that you are simply attempting to erase the White race from existence...genocide."

Anti-White: "What a crazy conspiracy theory. It's pure coincidence that I support this plan from every single White country on Earth and only White countries. Just because my plan will have the real world effect of eliminating the White race from existence doesn't mean it's genocide because the White race doesn't exist anyways and the White race is the worst race on Earth so even if it did exist, it's destruction is just karma!!!"

Rational person: "Yep, you are anti-White all right."
by Luaraz September 24, 2018
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When you're so against white people you become a supremacist for every other race.
Karen: I hate white people. I just wish they would just die already.
Billy: Gee Karen that is very anti-white supremacist of you.
by Lumlotus November 24, 2021
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Anti-White Racism refers to racism or discrimination against white people for their race.
Anti-White Racism can be seen in a lot of developing countries previously held by European colonizers in the post-colonial age.
by Kelmeer23 July 22, 2023
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