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A human animal, or an ultra humanoid animal.

This furry classification term is very strict and does not include all animals that are humanoid or human-like. For example; Apes are humanoid animals, but are not anthros. Even an ape with a completely humanoid body shape is not an anthro as they wouldn’t be that far off from feral apes on the spectrum. Rather, an anthro ape would literally be a human. This is why apes are almost never drawn by furries.

Qualifications to be “anthro”:

1.) Is based on an animal

2.) Is humanoid/humanlike, has human traits

3.) Has human sentience and can speak

4.) Has the body structure/shape of a human(Bone, Muscle, Organs, etc)

5.) Is far off on the spectrum from the animal it’s based on

6.) Can walk upright
Ignorant Individual: “Furries are zoophiles!”

Normal Person: “Not all furries are sexual, but even so, Zoophilia/Bestiality refers to non-human animals. By definition you’re wrong.”

Ignorant Individual: “Shut up they want to fuck animals. They’re getting off to something that’s animal-based.”

Normal Person: “Humans are based on apes? There’s literally nothing immoral or zoophilic about furry/anthro porn.”
by Apoctico March 07, 2021
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by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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An animal with human-like characteristics. A human with animal-like characteristics can also be called an anthro, but technically they are not.

An anthro is, technically, an animal that can: a) walk upright, b) talk, or talk somewhat (AKA has human vocal chords), c) has human features (i.e. a centaur, half human, half horse), d) has the bone structure of a human, with some of its animal counterpart (i.e. a cat-anthro that although looks like a human, can jump like a cat). These characteristics separate anthros from humans with cat ears and tail (or something like that).
ANTHRO RP (post to follow)

Jeremy was an anthro wolf. His nails were abnormally long, and his hair was scruffy like a wolfs hide. Ears protruded from his head, which followed sounds as as full wolfs would. Long tail protruding from his back swished side-to-side. Jeremy leaned against a rock, waiting for another of his kind.
by Luna Katherine Space December 24, 2003
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Of the Greek origin "anthropos"

1- man, human.
anthropology: study of man
anthropomorphic: shaped like man
and so on.

2- (slang) commonly used among fans of anthropomorphic or furry works (illustrations, paintings, comics, writing) as short hand for anthropomorph. While it's usage is incorrect, most people abide by the "STFU and die" rule; as in, it's become popular and recognized by such definition, though everyone knows that it's incorrect, it's too late to change it.

(Also, FIDs (Furries In Denial) must get over themselves before we can all just go back to calling ourselves furs)
1- "Next semester I'm taking Anthropology 101"

2- "I don't draw "furries", I draw anthros."
by Jester October 08, 2004
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1. A person who refuses to identify as a furry, probably because of their bad name or fruity nature.
by SnowyTheOwl February 09, 2018
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Unlike what most think Anthropomorphic means to transfer human characteristics on to an object, animal or machine (eg Robots, Furries, The mushrooms in Super Mario ETC)

Therefore the usage is correct
by Finalword April 24, 2007
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The new roblox update where ROBLOX messed the avatars up.
Oder: "Ew, look at that roblox published the anthro, now i cant look thicc"
by cough cough October 24, 2018
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