An animal like a wolf that has features of a human. This can be a cat, walrus, whale, or any animal. Many do art in this catergory, like my picture of the grey wolf.
I was an anthro wolf that name was clear as I was- my name was anto.
by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
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A word derived from the ancient Greek word "anthropos", which means HUMAN, having HUMAN characteristics, or relating to HUMAN.

It does NOT relate to lower-order animals.
Now how is it that these deluded furry fanatics use the word anthro to relate to talking animals? Haven't they ever taken Anthropology, or checked the fucking dictionary for the definition of anthro?
by sarcastic July 12, 2004
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A word used by sick furries in order to pretend they aren't furries, when they still in fact draw animal-people.
"I'm not a furry, I just like anthro-doggies!"
by Daniel January 20, 2005
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The Anthros are a species in Steaven's stories, they are pronounced like anthrax, or an throw ss. They are just furries and that's it. They live on another planet and are very primitive, like they should be.
I'm totally attracted to the Anthros!

Dude, wtf?
via giphy
by Steaven Henderson December 24, 2020
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