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Is quite the bullshitter, along with intensive aggressiveness. She frequently is a night snacker. She is an amazing friend who will laugh at you when youre drunk while still holding your hair out of your face while you puke.
she is a classy carpenter.
Annalies wants to strangle you in the bedroom!

Well tits! Where can I get me some Annalies!
by LDawg, ABalla January 21, 2009
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A wonderful girl who is very smart but gets stressed easily. If she ever becomes her friend, treat her with respect and she will do the same. She is typically a dutch girl with blonde hair and is awesome at baking.
Girl1: I'm going to Anna-Lies house!
Girl2: lucky! I love Anna-Lies's food! Save me some!
by 162t947et2ywqlol February 14, 2019
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