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An Ankith is a guy who looks high all the time but actually isn't (or is he?). He's a baller who only plays at night (if you know what I mean). Loves the grossest South Park episodes because they provide the lessons by which he lives his life.

Ankith can code so much he's practically a soulless programming robot with a dick (and what a fine one at that). Every girl needs an Ankith at one point in her life, but they'll have to wash their hands often.

He's also swole like you would not believe but only uses his massive strength for pressing those computer keys.
Girl 1: babe look at that Ankith sitting there
Girl 2: man his arms are so big
Girl 3: ugh I need him in my life
Boy 1: oi what are yous saying about my hubby?!
by DamnWhaddaGuy May 09, 2018
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It is word used to calm your anger or anxiety. In addition, saying this word during stressful times can lower your blood pressure and calm your heart down.
Ram: WTF I did not get victory royale in Fortnite? I am so stressed. (Then he says the word Ankith which calms him down)
Ram (After saying the word): I am calmed down. Now I know how to get a victory royale because I am Calm. Thank You Ankith!
by ankithnaganfnit April 01, 2019
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