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sister-in-law who is so cool she doesn't mind the fact that your keep spelling her name wrong.
Correct spelling Angie, but she doesn't care, she thinks it's cute.

Nice. Usually married to a Stephen.
Ben: "What? There's no 'j' in it at all?"
Anjie : "No there isn't, it's a 'g' but whenever I see it with a 'j' I'll know it's from you, and that's cute.
by thepurpleyeti February 04, 2010
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Anjie is a person that you want to be with every day of your life, a person that makes you feel special when she doesn't mean to. Someone who excepts you for who you are but also loves you for you. She loves to be around you and not scared to be sexual. DEAD SEXY,AND KIND OF CORKY
You can be an Anjie in bed .
by LooLooLit February 27, 2017
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