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Anja is the most beautiful and cutest person that you'll ever meet. Anja loves noodles and likes to eat sweets, but at the same time she want to get rid of eating both.
She likes hanging around guys but she secretly hate all her female friends, even the ones she calls "best friends".
Anja loves long relationships and enjoys the attention from her boyfriend. She is the most loyal person if you prove that you are worth being trusted.

Don't hurt her emotions because that'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make.

She doesn't let anyone in her life that easily.
The most of her love goes to animals, especially dogs. She already owns at least 1, so if you love her, you must love her dog too and treat him like your best friend because she/he is her best friend.
You can get her mad really quick, but be careful, if you go to far with jokes you can end up in bruises.
Pretty much Anja is everything you need in your life to be happy, so hurry up before there is no single (not in relationship) Anja left on this world.
-Look at her, she is so adorable and cute.

-Ofcourse, her name is Anja, what did you expect?
by ProudSquirrelOwner September 22, 2018
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The most amazing hella cool bitch on the planet. Everybody wants to be like her. Most likely dating a Joe.
"Wow, dude, did you just see Anja?!" "Yeah, man, shes the best! Wheres Joe?"
by Cupcakesaretheshitlikemeh December 29, 2011
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an urban goddess, an actress who is slightly egocentric but has a huge heart and deserves to be worshipped. she is hard to understand, but once you have gotten past her cool exterior your world will revolve around her. she is fully consumed by theatre, literature and the person she loves, whom she would probably kill herself for if the need arises. accept her view of the world, and you will gain the love of your life and never look back. anja is unique and fascinating.
"anja, i wrote a poem for you... do you like it?" - "i'd prefer not to talk about it right now." ???
by minionofher March 25, 2006
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Anja is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, her life is full of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and theatre. She most likely is a theatere student. She will be one of the most supportive people you know, but she also has a fisty side. She can be the sassyest, or nicest person you meet
She’s so beautiful, she must be an anja
by Angmanc June 18, 2019
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A person who is fun and loving but also slightly double faced.When she says something she may mean another.In a relationship she will anyone who comes near her guy.Except this she has a kind heart and will help anyone in need.
She helped me today. She's such and Anja.
by Gl1231 December 26, 2016
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A compliment of the highest degree used in kettering and rushden england, Anja means to be the streetest meanest MC in the whole of k-town
Amy: 50 cent is well anja
Ann: yeah he is his raps are fly blud
by Anja Jane November 26, 2007
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