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A reserved and quirky girl with a lot of positive energy. She is beautiful and others are often jealous of the attention she receives without really trying. She is considered one of the main people you need to have a great time.
If we're going out tonight make sure you bring Aniya!

That Aniya is a pretty cool chick!
by trulyfoxy February 19, 2012
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An Aniya is a very smart and pretty young lady. She spends most of her time playing GTA5 and Listening to music. This girls loves to eat, like no lie she loves to eat. She can dress fashooo like never doubt her style. She knows how to keep a pair of shoes now. She is also very loving but she is that type of person who has all the boys crawling over her. She keeps it 100 witchu, but dont get on ha bad side cuz thats prolly the biggest mistake yhu could make. She real laid back and she likes hangin out wit boys mostly, because she more of a tomboy and she feels like girls are to messy for her. She likes to kick it wit her brothers and family fr. She real sociable but she not dumb.
Aye bruh Aniya goofy but she cool to hang around.
Bruh Aniya bout fine
Aye Aniya bout laid back fashoo
by Theycraveeny December 08, 2017
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An amazing very intelligent female that is sweet, charismatic, in general a nice person. You will find her hanging out with both the nerds and the cool kids. However, she does not have the stereotypical popular kids attitude.
"I just dropped my wallet and some girl just returned all 150k I had in my wallet, she must be an Aniya."
by Windiest_Vase1210 July 07, 2016
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She’s crazy, and when she loves someone she really loves them. She cares about everyone more than she cares about herself. Of course she has some problems with her past but she tends to ignore because she wants to live her life to the fullest. And most people consider her “fine as fuck”. And she’s a melanin goddess
“Aniya is gorgeous”
I wanna call her mine”

“She got a lil booty but I can fix that
by Tortillla April 02, 2018
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aniya is a strong,caring,confident, girl she dosent care about what people say about her.She is a popular girl but she also hangs out with the nerds.Aniya is very intelligent and is good in school.
"I was hanging out with Aniya and we had a blast."
by qasdfghjklkmjnhgfds January 15, 2018
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Aniya is a friend who is always overly hyper and is not afraid to fill the halls with her loud ass screams and laughs. She is a pretty extroverted person for she has no fright in talking to new people. she has a wide group of friends and is a forgiver. She is sometimes honest to a fault but that is what is good for a best friend. She really likes to play around and to spend sometime in the sun. However, she also likes to sit down and enjoy some time for herself, while watching youtube or maybe just scrolling through Instagram. She is very potato-like.
"she is so playful she must be an Aniya"
"this party is dying we need an Aniya to add some fun to it"
"such a hottie yet she could be playfully weird, she is definitely an Aniya"
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by RAL3 May 23, 2018
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Very physically attractive, cool, down to earth girl who is known for getting attention. She enjoys the company of people like herself and makes friends easily. She also gets sideline haters from the attention she receives but never pays them any attention.
Shorty over there with the phatty is definitely an Aniya.

I'm pulling an Aniya tonight, a dime or higher!
by trulyfoxy February 19, 2012
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