The only place on Reddit where every post is either Aqua useless, Traps good and Speedwagon superior
A: Have you ever heard about animemes?
B: It's the best sub in za warudo!
by Suzushina Yuriko May 5, 2020
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Animeme is a YouTube channel that takes popular internet memes (e.g. Unwanted House Guest, Socially Awesome Penguin, Stare Dad, Baby Godfather etc) and makes them into YouTube videos. Also used to do rap battles using the memes for a while but eventually stopped.
Guy 1: You watched the new video from Animeme yet?
Guy 2: Aw yeah!
by sacksmoker May 29, 2014
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memes that have some type of anime correlation, whether it be an anime image, quote or video.
Thank you for blessing me with those animemes.”
by AnimeDad July 7, 2019
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1. Someone who thinks anime memes are funny

2. Someone who memes about liking anime
1. "I hate those accounts that only post funny Naruto pictures-- They're such animemers!"

2. "He says he likes Show By Rock and Love Live, but that's only because they're awful. What an animemer!"
by Mao! February 5, 2017
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A subreddit on popular app Reddit full of degenerates and 2d girl simpers.
hey look its another Hayasaka meme on r/animemes
by ishigami's depression May 12, 2020
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Used to be full of weebs able to express their opinions a about waifus and animes. After the mods changed the rules (with no announcements) the community turned on them and fled to r/goodanimemes which reached the 100 thousand mark in only 11 days.
- man r/Animemes mods really fucked up
- yeah lets go to r/goodanimemes instead
by LukasGamerPlayz October 24, 2020
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r/Animemes is where you post your anime memes and or the sub's mascot content.
RISE FROM THE ASHES! Wake the fuck up weebs! This subreddit is for anime simps of all kind, not for homophobic people tho.
"Yo, bro r/Animemes is regaining strength post drama, it's totally rising from the ashes."
by Mijeoloo December 26, 2020
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