Propane tanks placed in the central hallway with C-4 used to ignite it, creates a fuel air explosive – Used for bringing down a house when contact is made inside. Named by 2nd squad, 1st platoon, I Company.
The marines decided to pull out and leave a house guest after heavy resistance was met on the second floor.
by Aaron Linville March 14, 2005
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One leaves one's shit (or someone / something else's) in the reservoir of the toilet. The owner will smell it for some time before finding the floating crap, if ever found.
When we went to that guy's party he was a total jerk, so I left him a house guest.
by drocto September 13, 2006
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An individual who believes that their miniscule contributing factors have been more than expectable.
Along with being a large fire hazard the armenian house guest is the epicenter of all mess.
by Jmacd May 18, 2009
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the jamaican house guest is when a girl is riding a guy, and suddenly a random jamaician enters the room, squats over the guy, and shits on his chest, then leaves without saying a word
"Colleen and Francis told me that they encountered the jamaician house guest last night."

"Last night I was fucking Con, and someone gave me the jamaician house guest," said John
by Gay 69 May 23, 2008
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A place crazy people go to party every weeked. There are all sorts of shin-digs there! Hats, leather pants, kareokee machine, bed, tredmill, and guitar hero are included also! Its a place where close friends gather and head butt doors til they almost break!!Sex and drugs may play a small role in the guest house, but only a small one. It's not a place that tell your parents about, even tho parents come in and strip all the time anyway! Come join the fun!
Hot Chick 1: I wanna wear the reindeer antlers at the guest house tonight!
Hot Chick2: No, their mine!
Hot Chick 1: Fine, but I get to wear the leather pants!
by klee11 October 23, 2008
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