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Aniket is the most loving person you have you will ever encounter walking across this earth. He has a infectious personality, which makes you love him instantly. He is handsome, loyal, kind, honest, caring to all , he has many wonderful friends who are always happy to see him. Aniket is gorgeous in the inside and on the outside as well,

He mostly dresses smartly, and Many girls have a crush on him. He gets entertained by listening to any type of music, dancing, games and more. Aniket is always there for you to make you smile there’s never a dull moment when your around him, and when he’s not around you miss him.

Aniket means lord of the world, if you know a Aniket in your life then your truly blessed.

Love him with all your heart and he will give more love in return.
Aniket born to be a leader
by Mariajjackson June 11, 2018
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Aniket is the word synonym for handosomeness, coolness and studness
He is very kind, affectionate And gentle guy. He is very famous among girls and many girls have crush on him. He is topper in studies but still he doesn't show attitude and ego. Every one wants to be his friend and he keeps them happily. He gives support to his friends at every moment of life.
Aniket is Very nice
by Yashikamodi June 05, 2019
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The coolest Indian to ever be on earth. You would want to be like Aniket.
Aniket is the coolest Indian ever and I want to be like him!!!!
by Coolest Indian ever. April 05, 2011
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The superiority of the male race. This individual sub species dominates over every other, making them the leaders of all men. Usually picking up hot chicks and showing them a good time, while still keeping a 4.0 GPA. There is only one word to describe an Aniket and that is success. No matter what, they are bound to succeed in life, and usually they get what they want no matter what it takes.
They will usually go to an ivy leauge college
Usually end up with a great job
Usually end up with a 7 figure salary
Get all the good women
Aniket's are ALWAYS the sexiest
by Mike Haymen June 11, 2008
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An egotistic maniac who's stuck up and goes back and forward between the two extremes of crying and raging.He is stuck up and thinks that he's perfect.He's idiotic and has no sense of reasoning or logic,even though he gets good grades.He makes everyone around him tensed up and badmouths other people in front of their face without considering their feelings.He's really annoying.
by egabbak March 05, 2019
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Fake man with fake shit. Small penis and huge attitude he lives somewhere around Noida . Doesn't care about his friends. And also a fake entrepreneur.
Fuck man u just acting like Aniket.
Man u just turning into Aniket everyday
by Mercyonworld September 29, 2019
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