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Anhad means limitless. Had means boundry and anhad which has no boundry. The word Anhad has been frequently used by Kabir a 14th century mystic poet from india.

Anhad also stands for Act Now for harmony and Democracy- a unique organisation in India
had tape so auliya, anhad tape so peer, had anhad dou tape wako naam fakir ( one who transcends the limit is called auliya, that who transcends the limitless is called peer and the one who transcends both limit and limitless is called fakir)
by shabnam hashmi March 23, 2008
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one man army, who beats up ass holes and is a self sustaining machine in this bad bad world.
anhad....what else..
by December 14, 2010
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One who has a turban and is godly in halo 3
"WOW! I just got raped in halo 3!"
"600 to 1!"
"You must've played...ANHAD!!
by Anhad February 06, 2008
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