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A shower, usually taken by dads/fathers where he places his 'anal lips' against the shower wall and lets out these HUGE farts that shake the whole house. These are usually accompanied by the person taking a shit in the shower, aiming for the (hopefully) open toilet seat, and missing. When you go in after he's finished, it looks like a war scene. POO EVERYWHERE WOO!
Andrew's dad (in bathroom): ARHHHHH! *splat*

Leon: What the hell is that?

Andrew: That's just my dad. I think he's talking one of his angry showers.

Leon: Wait, what the fuck is an angry shower? Is he oka-

Andrew's dad: *BLARRRRRNT!*

Andrew: oh god...

Andrew's dad: KOBE! *splat*

Andrew's dad: Damn, missed again.

Andrew and Leon: O_O
by the_cajun88 February 11, 2011
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When you get in your shower and find a dead hampster inside and pick it up and begin to furiously fuck it until it falls apart and goes down the drain and fucks up your water supply then you finish your shower angrily.
Friend:Jim why are you so pissed off?

Jim:” I just had an angry shower”
by Revive. survive. strive. February 23, 2018
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The act of an individual taking a shower, and taking their rage out on various shower products normally used to cleanse the body.
I had a bad day at work. So, I took and angry shower,and inserted my penis into the shampoo bottle, pretending it to ve my co-workers eye socket.
by politeasfawk September 08, 2016
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Usually taken by a 40 something man who lives with his mom and has tons of hotties on facebook! After a night of chatting and stalking he will go take a shower and beat the fuck out of his love sausage and scrote sac!
F: Oh baby i wish we didn't live a thousand miles apart! I'd suck your cock!

M: Thanks a lot, I'm going for an angry shower!
by doktah doug April 12, 2011
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