an amazing guy that any girl would be lucky to have. he will make you smile with everything he does without no intention of doing so. he will make you feel amazing and wonderful and spectacular and magnificent. he's the best guy you will every know and you will never meet another person like him. you'll never forget him either.
haley : "Angel is wonderful and amazing in every way"
by 12540016393872829 January 25, 2014
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Very fun and outgoing . Likes adventure and love . Lust is his weakness .

Most likely to parish in a automobile involved accident .

Is the best person to meet and to hangout with .
Gets broken very easily .
Is that Angel ?
Like a star in the day yes !
by Jdm_fatboii July 03, 2014
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A person who will be your best friend, who is sweet and kind and will take care of you even if you get a little cold,

a person who will beat other people up when they make her best friend cry.
Angel is a person who couldn't hurt you in any ways whatsoever.

Who will love you from the earth and back.

Who loves K-Pop more then you!
She is truly an Angel.
Angel is very sweet and kind.
by SammieSammich October 21, 2013
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Sexy boy that will steal everyone's girl. He has a great personality and will always put other's before himself. He's very smart and kind. He will never treat a loved on it a friend badly. He loves music and games. Angel can always put a smile on your face and will never leave you for another girl. Angel will be there and he would go to hell and back just to be with you.
Person:who's that Girl: oh that's just Angel and he is my Angel
by Tyranasouras May 09, 2017
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Because the word ‘perfection’ has been greatly dumbed down to being very subjective; meaning it is heavily influenced by an individual’s personal feelings and opinions, the word ‘angel’ is used to exceed and surpass the mediocrity that is ‘perfection’. The word ‘angel’ is a collective of many annotations and messages, resulting in being the highest form of praise, sentiment and compliment an individual can receive. Definitions include; but are not limited to: A person who uncritically and indefensively accepts another individual regardless of faults and past delinquencies, a person who illuminates the universe with their elegance, and a person whose beauty is unrivaled.
She's an angel
by 1ules May 22, 2013
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