extremely cute
amazingly awesome
beautiful af
wow shes so Angel
Angel is extremely Angel
by Shootingmaniac November 16, 2015
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Someone with nice brown eyes, athletic, amazing and such a good friend. Buff, gotta nice figure, takes the best selfies,
Who's that girl with brown eyes
It's properly Angel
by yourrbaee October 26, 2014
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(1) One who is sweet and considerate towards others. They are self-less in decisions and try to do what is best for others.

(2) A guardian. A valient protector and warrior.
(Person 1 to Person 2) : Wow, you are an angel
by Mas_que_un_vencedor January 10, 2013
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A loyal girl that mostly gets hurt every single day. Yet gives a big smile. That'll ignore her being hurt and make you smile. When you need her she'll be there anytime. She's also hot and pretty.
by heyimokay. March 19, 2017
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Angels are eternal beings; primarily unseen. God created Angels and He gave them life.
Angels are messengers, guardians, and lovers of God that sing, "holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty."
by ~Michelangelo February 13, 2013
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A person that u love so much that u cant stop thinking about them no matter what. everything they do is perfect to u and u love the very thought of them. no one can take away the happiness u feel when ur with them. its like god sent u some1 so perfect...they're ur guardian angel.
You: I love you...Zach, I'm your guardian angel..
Zach: I love you too, I knew you were my angel from the very start...
by Danyelle Williams April 21, 2008
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A guardian. a strong, generally masculine name, also now feminine. will protect and defend the ones they love. Most are either kind and sweet, or rotten and nasty.
a guardian angel watches over you
by g!nger July 14, 2010
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